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The Bronze Wing is a classic wooden cutter built in 1952 in Birdham, United Kingdom. It was rebuilt by Franklin Angermeyer in 2005.

Since 1969, she has been sailing around the Galápagos Islands, with its base on Santa Cruz Island, Puerto Ayora.

In the 1970s she worked as a charter boat for Metropolitan Touring. Later on, in the 1990s, she circumnavigated the world, gracing countless exotic destinations.

This 15 meters long and 4 meters wide cutter accomodates 6 people in 3 double cabins with 3 bathrooms with showers. The Bronzewing is one of the few typical classic sail boats in Galápagos.

It is perfect for small families or a group of friends, offering comfort and security to its guests.


Brown Pelican

Photo by Ron Dizon ©2006

Blue Booby

Photo by Ron Dizon ©2006



The Great Tortuga

Photo by Ron Dizon ©2006




8 Day Cruise for $960

Baltra Island

Santa Fe Island

Espanola Island

Floreano Island

Darwin Station/Highlands

Rabida Pto. Egas

Bartolome - Sombrero Chino

Seymour Norte



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8 Day Cruise for $800

Baltra/Parte Alta

Rabida/ James Bay

Bartolome/Caleta T. Negra


Galapaguera/Leon D. Isla Lobos



Charles Darwin/Baltra



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Atlanta II

Day Trips



$80 Bartholome Island

$70 Seymour Island








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