"It Was 30 Years Ago Today"

Peace Corps Afghanistan

Las Vegas, Nevada

May 5-7, 2005

May 5-7, 2005

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Letter from Gaddi H. Vasquez to RPCV Afghanistan

Letter from Abe S. Ashcanase, United States Agency for International Development

Download Operation Help Book - Published March 15, 1973

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Peace Corps Afghanistan Food for Work 1969-1973
Peace Corps Afghanistan  1969-1973

Maureen Bulliung, Ted Emerson, Jim Hicks

Tim McCormack, John Loomis, Glenn Rogers, Roger Pierson

"We are the Champions"


Jean and Werner "Fritz" Laurenovics

Patty & Bill Mittendorff

Tom Grant & Ron Dizon

Jim Hicks & Abe Ashcanase

Julie Kesler and Tom Grant

Nelson Chase and Cindy Strawbridge

Ted Emerson, Fritz Laurenovics, Patty Mittendorff,

Patty Weerts, Steve Weerts, Jim Poplack, Bill Mittendorff

Joe Wollmering, Charlie Arnold

"We are the Champions"

Jean Laurenovics, Fritz Laurenovics, Ted Emerson, John Loomis

Patty Mittendorff, Jim Poplack, Bill Mittendorf"We are the Champions"



Jim Hicks, Joe Wollmering, Ted Emerson, Maureen Bulliung

Brett McDonagh

Diane Krystosek & Betty Ashcanase

Ed Crawford and Werner "Fritz" Laurenovics


Ron Dizon and Diane Krystosek

Bill Mittendorff. Jim Mathewson, Charlie Arnold, Jim Poplack

Fritz Laurenovics, Ron Dizon and Ted Emerson


"We are the Champions"

Maureen Bulliung, Jim Hicks, Betty Ashcanase

Bill and Patty Mittendorff at the Bellagio


Werner "Fritz" Laurenovics & Jean Laurenovics

Jim Poplack and Ron Dizon



Jim Mathewson and Ed Crawford aka "Kid Ghazni"

Betty Ashcanase, Abe Ashcanase and Diane Dizon

John Behnke

Marie White Benhke

Paul Bitter, Marie Behnke, John Behnke, Sue Biter

Betty Ashcanase

Ted Emerson

Abe Ashcanase, Ron Dizon, Diane Krystosek Dizon

Jim Poplack


Werner "Fritz" Laurenovics



Betty Ashcanase & Ron Dizon

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Photographs...they are all that's left of us

Photographs...they are all that's left of us