Medical Center Administrator

Ramiro Lopez, DO

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Wound Care Center

The Hyperbaric Medical Clinic

Puerto Ayora, Island of Santa Cruz

Galapagos Islands

Ecuador, South America








Medical Director and Hyperbaric Physician:

 Gabriel Idrovo, DO

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The Hyperbaric Medical Center

offers excellent  Wound Care Service for


Recognized Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy :

How to Contact Us

18 de febrero and R. Lara Street
Puerto Ayora - Santa Cruz Island
Galapagos - Ecuador


(593) 5-526-911




Fax: (593)5-526-911




We have treated over 50 patients in a four year period with excellent results

Supporting Documentation and Photographs


Burn Photos Crush Injury
Skin Ulcer Photos Unhealed Bone Fractures
Chronic Wound Radiation Burns




Chronic Skin Ulcers

Radiation Burns

Skin Grafts and Flap

Unhealed Bone Fractures

Gas Gangrene

CO intoxication

Diabetic Wounds

Contaminated Wounds

Chronic Wounds

Crush Injury



Experimental Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy :

Cerebral Palsy

Pediatric Brain Injury

Idiopathic Hemorrhage of Urinary Tract


Standard Medical Services

medical consultations in internal medicine

minor surgeries





 emergency medicine


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