A Perennial Journey of Discovery 2019 -2020


Ronaldo Dizon:
Images Left Behind
A Perennial Journey of Discovery

by Ryan December 6, 2019
Spring Valley Library Art Gallery
December 12, 2019 thru February 18, 2020
Photographs from Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia

Artist Statement:

My photographs are sign posts of life’s nostalgic journey of memories. This personal collection of images reflects the footprints my wife I have left behind on the roads less traveled. It provides us with a map of those amazing places we were fortunate enough to visit, as well as the friendships we fostered and the momentary associations we left behind.

My images are portrayals of all those people and places we touched during our recent odyssey in Indochina (Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia).

They represent the impermanence of time and capture the fleeting moments that will never be again.

December 12, 2019 Through February 18, 2020
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